Package de.mindmatters.faces.spring.context.servlet

Provides integration and glue code for the Spring web MVC framework.


Class Summary
FacesContextFilter Filter implementation that creates and releases a FacesContext which contains per-request state information.
FacesContextLoader Performs the actual initialization work for a FacesContext which contains all of the per-request state information.
FacesController FacesController is a Controller that manages the request processing lifecycle for web applications that are utilizing JavaServer Faces to construct the user interface.
FacesControllerHandlerAdapter Adapter to use the FacesController workflow class with the generic FacesDispatcherServlet.
FacesDispatcherServlet Central dispatcher which integrates Spring's MVC framework to the faces lifecycle.
FacesDispatcherServlet.DefaultApplicationContext Default ApplicationContext for the FacesDispatcherServlet.
FacesView Wrapper for a JSP or other resource within the same faces web application.
FacesViewResolver Convenience subclass of UrlBasedViewResolver that supports FacesView.
LifecycleExecutor HandlerAdapter implementation that delegates it's work to any given arbitrary HandlerAdapter and integrates it into the workflow of the request processing of the underliying JSF implementation.

Package de.mindmatters.faces.spring.context.servlet Description

Provides integration and glue code for the Spring web MVC framework.

This package ships all needed classes to enable all features of Spring's DispatcherServlet within a faces lifecycle; that means you can use any Controller implementation and integrate it without any effort.


The following sample configuration files show you how to enable the above mentioned features.

The web.xml configuration:

WEB-INF/web.xml fragment

        The dispatcher servlet.


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